Why New York trusts ProFitness Physical Therapy for complete, ONE-ON-ONE rehabilitation.

At ProFitness Physical Therapy, it is our goal to help every patient achieve fast, full and lasting injury recovery — and to successfully manage many chronic, painful health conditions. To meet this goal, we are committed – individually and as a team – to giving 100% of our expertise and effort to every patient at all times.

Our rehab care is always provided ONE therapist to ONE patient. ONE at a time. EVERY TIME. It’s the ProFitness AdvantageSM. And it’s what helps us achieve such excellent results. That’s why physicians and patients on the Upper East Side and Brooklyn Heights turn to ProFitness for their physical therapy needs. Find out more >>>

ProFitness Physical Therapy Has Reopened

We hope you have been in good health!

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the US government has designated physical therapists as “essential critical infrastructure workers.” In light of this announcement, we have chosen to re-open so that we may serve our patients and community members who need in-person treatment. 

If you would prefer to stay at home, we are also equipped to manage your care virtually via telehealth appointments.

Please call us at 212-327-0600 (Manhattan) or 718-858-6546 (Brooklyn) if you:

  • need physical therapy for pain relief.
  • have limitations in movement or function.
  • want to improve your progress.
  • have questions about your condition
  • are experiencing changes in your pain levels or overall condition.

We would be happy to discuss the best steps for you to take!

We are here to help,
The ProFitness Physical Therapy Team



Social Distancing Guidelines

  • All staff will have their temperature taken when they arrive for work.
  • None of our team members come to work if they’re feeling ill for any reason. If they are sneezing or coughing, we require a physician’s approval for them to return to work.
  • All patients will have their temperature taken with a forehead scanner prior to being seen.
  • We ask any family member or aide that comes with a patient to wait outside the office.
  • Patient appointments and physical therapists’ hours will be staggered to reduce the number of people in the practice.
  • Patients and Providers will wear masks and practice physical distancing to the greatest extent possible. It’s very easy in our clinics because the model of care that we use is one-to-one with the physical therapist.
  • We have implemented physical distancing in our treatment areas, by using private rooms and tables that are 6 feet or more apart. Obviously, the PT can’t necessarily employ full physical distancing through the entire treatment. The masks help protect the patient during closer contact.
  • Patients and the provider wash their hands before and after each treatment session. We have soap and automatic hand sanitizer dispensers and single-use paper towel dispensers to minimize hand contact.
  • We’ve removed chairs in our waiting area to maintain physical distancing of 6 feet.
  • Tape on the floor enforces proper social distance from our receptionist.
  • All surfaces and equipment are sanitized with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-approved solutions for the appropriate length of time during and after each treatment session.
  • Items that may be accessed in our waiting area and potentially contaminated, such as magazines, pens, and water coolers have been removed.

Be Well,
The ProFitness Physical Therapy Team

00049811006We built our practice, and our valued reputation, by improving the quality of life for each and every patient. Celebrating 35 years of commitment and excellence to our patients and the physicians who refer them!

Nearly one-quarter of a million treatments. One at a time. Every time!




“There is no therapist on Earth as knowledgeable or capable as my therapist. He always knows more than my doctors and he is pleasurable to boot. Very highly recommended!”  – R.D.


“My therapist helped me build up a significant degree of strength in my legs allowing for reduced strain on my patellar tendon. I was quite weak and sore, but message, ultrasound, and stretching exercises made a huge difference.  I can run and do all the normal things one would around town.  One at a time is new for me for physical therapy, it makes a difference!” – R.D.


“My therapist got me walking again!  He was an excellent partner and coach during my extensive rehabilitation.” – C.C.K.


“ProFitness helped me so much with my knee replacement. Would I come here again? Yes! In a heartbeat.  The therapists are very good and understanding. If you have an injury and want to get well, go to ProFitness.” – J.W.


“Positive experience. Cordial staff and physical therapist was extraordinarily knowledgeable and capable of working on my balance and strength.  I feel much improved.” – R.E.


“Overall the staff and the physical therapist was fabulous   I would recommend this place to everyone. That’s why I came back a second time.” – N.S.


“One year ago I had major discomfort in my lower back. Walking was difficult and painful. I was taking medications and couldn’t fully function.  My therapist showed me exercises and worked with me.  I am able to be comfortable walking again and I can’t remember the last time I even took medication.  Thank you!” – D.S.