Achieving excellent outcomes by identifying and treating pain at its source.

7 key reasons to choose ProFitness Physical Therapy for your patients

  1. We’ve built our reputation on physicians’ trust and our patient’s success.
  2. Since 1986, our practice has been structured with one simple formula: We treat ONE patient at a time. Every time.
  3. Our patients are referred to us through some of New York City’s top physicians and surgeons and we are in newtork with Hospital for Special Surgery.
  4. We know that your patients do not want to waste time and energy with physical therapy
    assistants, or aides. That’s why we only hire experienced physical therapists.
  5. We have a consistently high success rate. Many of our patients are referred to us by former patients.
  6. Our therapists provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for each and every patient.
  7. We provide ongoing communication to keep you informed of your patients progress.

We know you are busy and want easy, accessible communication with your patients and their therapists. That’s why we provide referring physicians with written evaluations and progress reports to make it easier for you to measure your patient’s progress.

At ProFitness Physical Therapy, your prescription becomes reality. In today’s hurried medical environment, you can be sure that your patients will receive thorough, individualized care from their first appointment to their last.

When you refer a patient to ProFitness Physical Therapy, you can count on 4 things:

  1. We take the time to listen to your patients while they receive personalized, one-on-one care.
  2. Your patient will be educated on the importance of injury prevention and given a home exercise program to maximize the benefits of stretching and exercising.
  3. Your patent will achieve a fast, full and lasting recovery.
  4. Your patient will thank you for recommending ProFitness.

Case Studies:

Click on the links below for patient case studies

Severe low back pain
Thorough assessment, treatment and customized strength training program provide prompt resolution of severe low back pain. Read more >>>

Quadriceps tendonitis
Treatment with titration progression resolves quadriceps tendonitis and allows for successful strength training for patella femoral syndrome. Read more >>>

COPD treatment
COPD treatment program helps elderly patient dramatically reduce shortness of breath and improve strength and endurance needed for daily activities. Read more >>>

Balance treatment
Objective assessment and customized treatment help patient overcome balance problems and dramatically reduce fall risk. Read more >>>

Student Athlete Case Study
Gait re-training, manual therapy and strength training dramatically reduce young athlete’s pain, enabling her to continue competitive sports. Read more >>>


“After my surgery, my doctor recommended ProFitness. I thank him dearly for the recommendation. My therapist was kind, considerate, knowledgeable and never hesitated to respond to my questions. I would highly recommend ProFitness Physical Theapy.” – G.R.C.Brooklyn, NY


“I came to ProFitness after spinal surgery from spinal stenosis and displaced discs. The surgery fused part of my spine, reducing flexibility. After my physical therapy experience, by back and leg muscles are much stronger, my energy level much higher and I can walk freely for long distances without pain.” – JK, Manhattan


“After surgery from a completely ruptured Achilles tendon, ProFitness helped me make an excellent recovery. Thanks to all the help, support and strengthening from my therapist, I am now able to begin walking again and get back to my normal active life. I am now working out, walking my kids to and from school, skiing and playing tennis. Thanks for everything!” – JA, Manhattan


“Thanks to my therapist, I can grow old feeling young again!” — MR, Manhattan