ProFitness patients share their experiences

high-5Since 1986, the ProFitness “ONE therapist to ONE patient” approach has resulted in thousands of success stories. Some of our patients have graciously allowed us to share them with you here.

“He brought me back to the land of the living!” “Reduced pain significantly and increased my range of motion. I’m back to the best I’ve ever been physically and I am grateful. Thank you ProFitness!” – B.B. Brooklyn

“My therapist’s care and concern was key to my recovery. The therapy and home program have worked to make me virtually pain free, as I’ve just realized I haven’t taken an Advil in weeks.” – J.L. Manhattan

“The staff at ProFitness is wonderful!” “I actually got immediate results from the treatment. My therapist was very effective and professional. I would definitely recommend this place and would come back if needed again.” – C.B. Brooklyn

“I’ve been to 4 or so other physical therapists and would have to say I received the best treatment at ProFitness. I really loved the one on one sessions. Not many other therapists work that way. Thank you so much.” – H. H. Manhattan.

“Thanks to my therapist I am able to perform again. Her knowledge and her high professional treatment gave me back the strength to play the piano again.” – M. F., Manhattan

“After surgery from a completely ruptured Achilles tendon, ProFitness helped me make an excellent recovery. Thanks to all the help, support and strengthening from my therapist I was able to begin walking again and get back to my normal, active life. I am now working out, walking my kids to and from school, skiing and looking forward to playing tennis this summer. Thanks for everything!” – J. A., Manhattan

“ProFitness made me aware of the various techniques that would help me learn to stretch and exercise correctly. The one-on-one attention and therapy were excellent and my therapist was caring and professional. I always felt comfortable and the therapy helped me in the different sports that I play. – J. N., Manhattan

“My therapist helped me build my knee back up after surgery. She was able to get me ready to go back to play soccer and baseball. After I got hurt I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but my therapist was able to get me back on the field and hopefully I will be able to play soccer in college.” – B.G., Brooklyn

“Knee replacement surgery left me with weakened thigh muscles. ProFitness provided me with a treatment program and restored my mobility. With guidance from my caring therapist, I enjoy a weekly workout that has improved my walking, muscle tone, and according to my family — my disposition.” – N.H., Manhattan, NY (87 years young)

“I was in terrible pain, had trouble sleeping, tingling and numbness in my arm and fingers, and had difficulty with daily activities. Since my therapy, I can move with ease and have regained almost 100% of my mobility. The numbness and pain are gone…all thanks to my wonderful physical therapist!” – M.R., Manhattan, NY

“ProFitness can be summed up in a few words: Professionalism with a good blend of personal care from the mind and hands of my physical therapist.” – R.S., Brooklyn, NY

“Before I started my therapy at ProFitness, I couldn’t walk up or down stairs because of pain and stiffness. My therapist was terrific and I can walk up and down stairs with no problem.” – E.W., Brooklyn, NY

“After my surgery, my doctor recommended ProFitness. I thank him dearly for the recommendation. My therapist was kind, considerate, knowledgeable and never hesitated to respond to my questions. I would highly recommend ProFitness Physical Therapy.” – G.R.C., Brooklyn, NY

“Working on my balance and leg strength at ProFitness has prevented me from having a devastating fall.” – J. G., Manhattan, NY

“…My back feels much better and stronger. I can run and play squash again. My therapist “listened” to me, and helped me with my exercises.” – J.B. Brooklyn

“When I came to ProFitness, the pain in my right leg was so excruciating that I could hardly walk. I was diagnosed with sciatica and a slipped disc. After just a few sessions, I felt that my life was back to normal. My husband was so impressed with my improvement that now he’s coming to ProFitness for therapy.” – L.R.., Manhattan

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