While living with Parkinson’s disease can be challenging, there are many things you can do to live well and improve your quality of life.

Because PD affects each person differently, your physical therapist will partner with you and your physician to manage your specific situation – now and as your condition changes. You are not alone!

If you suffer from:

  • Muscle stiffness or rigidity, causing discomfort in the neck, trunk, shoulders and leg
  • Postural instability, resulting in poor balance and a greater risk of falling
  • Movements that become slower and smaller during daily activities such as dressing, showering, or moving in bed
  • A feeling that your feet are “frozen” to the floor, making it hard to take a first step, or to turn around when walking
  • Stooped posture
  • The inability to perform tasks that were once easy to do, such as daily chores, gardening or swinging a tennis racquet or golf club

Our Upper East Side location now has therapists certified in
LSVT BIG Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease

What is LSVT BIG Therapy and how can it help you?

Physical Therapy may help you!

Your physical therapist will conduct a comprehensive evaluation, including tests to examine your posture, strength, flexibility, walking, balance, coordination, and attention to movement.

Based on your evaluation, your therapist will develop an individualized treatment plan to help you stay as active and as independent as possible. Your program will include exercises and proven techniques to combat the symptoms and progression of PD.

Physical Therapy will help you to improve:

  • Balance and decrease your risk of falling
  • Poor coordination
  • Gait – to help you improve the smoothness and coordination of your walking and will assist you with strategies to get in and out of bed, chairs, cars.cabs and limos
  • Strength and endurance, so that you can better climb and descend stairs and curbs and function throughout your day.

Your key advantage is our 100% focused, one-on-one care

At ProFitness, we give 100% of our expertise and effort to every patient at all times. This means that your dedicated physical therapist works one-on-one with you through every minute of every rehab session – providing expert assessment and guidance, and constant encouragement and support.

In other rehab facilities, you may not always work with the same physical therapist, or you may work with a PT assistant instead. And often, your therapist may work with several other patients at the same time. These factors can make it difficult to get the level of care you need to achieve your goals.

That’s why our care is always provided ONE therapist to ONE patient. ONE at a time. EVERY TIME, and lets us stand out from the rest.

It’s the ProFitness AdvantageSM. And it’s what helps us achieve such excellent results.

If your world is growing smaller and smaller due to the progression of Parkinson’s disease, let our therapists help you. You deserve a better quality of life!